Aluminium banner pole

Stylish and contemporary presentation of your publicity on an aluminium conical flagpole

  • stylish
    and contemporary design
  • extraordinary
    because of the combination of a flagpole with a modern static banner 
  • multiple variants 
    available at 5m for a canvas of 60 x 200 cm
    and on 6m for a canvas of 60 x 250 cm
  • 24 / 24 visibility
    if you choose for LED lighting
  • parallel presentation of the banners possible

The aluminium banner pole is made from a conical flagpole of which the diameter becomes thinner towards the top (diameter at the bottom: 114cm - diameter at the top: 60mm). This makes the banner pole not only significantly more beautiful, but also more solid and resistant to high wind loads. The banner pole is made in one piece from a high quality aluminium alloy. It does not have any cross welds or longitudinal joints. Over the entire length the pole has a 2.5 up to 3mm wall thickness and is natural grey anodized. The pole is finished at the top with a grey finial.

Lateral banner pole

The pole is equipped with two stainless steel brackets on which a wind permeable canvas is mounted. Every bracket is equipped with a tension bar in order to readjust the canvas at the top and at the bottom. This avoids creases in the canvas and ensures an easy change of the banner.

The banner is placed sideways from the pole and is entirely manufactured from stainless steel. Next to that, all fittings (bolts, nuts, threaded rods,...) are also made from stainless steel. The brackets are neatly finished and all tube ends are welded (no plastic collars). The banner set is also equipped with stainless steel stay wires. 

Centred banner pole 

Another possibility is a banner pole on which 2 canvasses are mounted, parallel to the flagpole. 

Both banner poles are standard available for a canvas width of 60x250cm and 60x220cm for respectively a 6m and 5m banner pole height.


Accessories for this flagpole

LED spots 10W or 20W stainless steel

Ledspot Banier


Ground fixation

Ground sleeve

Hinged base

Ground socket