steel banner pole

The banner pole for exceptional situatons

    and modern presentation of your publicity on a steel banner pole which can be hot dipped galvanized and powder coated if desired
  • perfect for large quantities 
    and exceptional situations
  • custom made production possible
    standard length is 6m for a canvas size of 60 x 250 cm

Do you prefer modern publicity rather than waving flags? Then this banner pole is suited for a contemporary and refined presentation of your publicity.

The banner pole is a welded steel product and is made from a square tube profile of 10x10cm with a large wall thickness. It is entirely hot dipped galvanized and can finshed powder coated if desired. At the top the banner pole is finished with a synthetic collar.

The banner pole is equipped with two welded brackets for sideway banners. In between the bracket a wind permeable canvas can be mounted. Every bracket is equipped with a tension bar in order to readjust the canvas at the top and at the bottom. This system facilitates the changing of the canvas afterwards.

A banner with dimensons 60x250cm can be installed on a standard banner pole of 6m height. Custom made manufacturing is always possible for large quantities.

An alternative solution is a banner set with installation of 2 single canvasses (60x250cm) parallel to the banner pole.

The banner is finished at the bottom with a welded plate reinforced with steel gusset for improved support. This bottom plate can be anchored with 4 threaded rods which are concrete casted.

Accessories for this flagpole

LED spots 10W or 20W stainless steel

Ledspot Banier


Ground fixation

Set of threaded rods