Wall mounted banner

Modern display solution to mount your banner on a facade.

  • stylish display solution
    for banners on a facade 
  • neatly finished
    because it is completely manufactured from stainless steel and all tube end are welded
  • fits on every facade
    available for canvas widths of 50, 60 and 80 cm
  • always visible banner
    optional: halogen or LED lighting for optimal visibility of the banner

The wall mounted banner consists of 2 stainless steel banner brackets to display your banner lateral on a facade. The brackets and all fittings are completely manufactured from stainless steel. Every bracket is equipped with a tension bar in order to readjust the canvas at the top and at the bottom. This avoids creases in the canvas.  

The wall mounted banner is neatly finished: bracket plate with welded stainless steel gusset for improved support. Next to that all tube ends are welded (no plastic collars). Perfect to mount different kind of banners such as Soltis, PVC, mesh, ...

Available for following canvas widths: 50, 60 and 80cm

When the surface of your canvas exceeds 2m² we recommend to use stay wires, entirely manufacturered from stainless steel.

Optionally lighting can be provided: halogen (stainless steel spot) or energy-saving LED light.  

On simple demand we can manufacture wall mounted banner systems for flat surfaces. The banner is then installed parallel to the wall.   

Accessories for this flagpole

Halogen lamps stainless steel 500W

LED spots 10W or 20W stainless steel

Ledspot Banier

Set of thimble eye wires stainless steel